Keith Kelly

as Agent Richard Davis

 Davis is the leading agent for a subsection of the CIA, CORE (Covert Operations Response Envoy). Davis’ history is a bit of a mystery. While he has his lighter moments, for the most part he takes his job very seriously. He personally handpicked his team and sees in them qualities that many others tend to overlook. Davis tends to be no-nonsense and by the book but has been known to break protocol if it means catching a perpetrator. He is deceptively fit for his age and when necessary has no problem jumping headfirst into the action as his team requires but will usually allow his team to work without too much micro-managing. He answers directly to a man that is only referred to as “The Manager” and so far has an almost unscathed track record with his CORE team.


Nino Guerrero III

as Agent Javier Garcia

Garcia is an agent for a subsection of the CIA. Before being inducted he was on his way toward a professional boxing career. However, being born of immigrants that went to desperate measures to become United States citizens gave him a highly patriotic attitude and when 9/11 hit, he was compelled to enlist. It didn’t take long before he was pulled into the earliest MARSOC group and was part of dozens of secret missions. Having an exceptional discipline and an almost perfect tract record for covert operations made Garcia an ideal candidate for induction into the CIA, which he was more than eager to accept. Less than a year later, he was approached by Richard Davis to join a special counter-terrorism group where he has served faithfully ever since. He is often regarded as Davis’ second-in-command.


Craig Olson

as Agent Thomas Smith

Smith is an agent for a subsection of the CIA. Before being inducted he was one of the best undercover officers the NYPD ever had. A top athlete in school with an ego that would make most psychologists cringe, Smith proved often that he wasn’t all talk. Going to NYU on a basketball scholarship, Smith got slightly above average marks in most of his classes, often quoting his father’s phrase, “If more people would just do a little more than was asked, they might amaze themselves.” However, an anger management issue led to Smith being kicked off his basketball team and reconsidering his options. His athleticism and decent scores led him to the NYPD where his charm, good looks, and arrogant attitude allowed him easy access to some of the seedier sides of the city. His impressive undercover work ultimately led to him being noticed by Agent Richard Davis, and his call to the CIA.


Whitney Wickham

as Agent Pamela Miller

Miller is an agent for a subsection of the CIA. Miller’s history is pretty typical of most women in the CIA. She started in IT intelligence gathering for the FBI and became instrumental in solving many high profile crimes, though the field agents often received the credit. Her work didn’t go unnoticed, however, and she was approached by Agent Richard Davis. At Davis’ recommendation, Miller was inducted into the CIA and began field work training. Though she was quite behind her fellow trainees, she found that she had a real talent for it and began surpassing the rest of her classmates very quickly. After her field training was complete, Miller joined Agent Davis’ group within the CIA and began working the field as an intelligence gatherer where she has been able to show off her old skills and her new ones in a mostly male dominated career.

Dan Head shot[1] (1)

Danny Miller

as James Wilson

James Wilson is about as ordinary as they get, at least he’d like you to believe that. He grew up in a small town to a middle-class family. He went to college at a local university and studied engineering. That’s where he met his wife, Lynn. They were married just before graduation and found out quickly they were expecting their first child. Wilson landed a maintenance job at a factory in the town he grew up in and rose up the ladder over time. He was promoted to Maintenance Supervisor and eventually to Assistant Plant Foreman. He and his wife live a typical lifestyle. They work, pay their taxes, have two children and another on the way, go to church on Sunday, and occasionally visit with friends, who would describe his personality as very “matter of fact.” And yet…


Katelin Stack

as Lynn Wilson

Lynn Wilson is a lovely woman with a charming personality. She traveled a lot as a child because her father was a soldier. After high school she went back to one of the many towns she had lived in over the years to attend the local university where she studied elementary education. That’s where she met James. She fell in love with him quickly and they married before graduation. They began having children almost immediately and they settled into their live. Lynn is a devoted wife, who loves her husband more than any other person on Earth. She regards him so highly that their friends have often joked about their “perfect marriage” and she welcomes that sentiment. She has birthed two children and has recently discovered they she is pregnant with their third. While they aren’t perfect by any means, Lynn thinks of her family as being as close to perfect as possible.


Mario Alberts

as the Manager

The mysterious figure known only as “The Manager” has been working within the government in various capacities for decades. He has been tasked with overseeing a subsection of the CIA known as CORE (Covert Operations Response Envoy), which he helped form. He handpicked Agent Richard Davis to build the team and allows them to work with almost full autonomy only stepping in to give direction when necessary. Enter James Wilson. The Manager has taken a special interest in Wilson but isn’t sharing why, only saying that it requires higher clearance to know. While this secrecy has made it harder for his agents to do their jobs, he still feels that it’s necessary. What his ultimate goal with CORE is has never been fully explained but one cannot deny the efficiency of the group The Manager has created.