Barry Gilmore


Storytelling is a unique gift that separates humans from other species perhaps more than any other trait. As a writer and director, Barry sees film as the ultimate way to tell a story. Barry has a background in communication having earned a degree in Electronic Media from the University of WI – Whitewater, where he was awarded the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Award for Best Long Form Production and Best Sports Play by Play. These awards demonstrate Barry’s recognizable ability to set the stage whether in a fiction or nonfiction setting. Barry’s passion for storytelling also translates into being an accomplished video editor and a practiced cinematographer, giving him the ability to see the big picture in every frame. Barry considers James Whale, Terence Fisher, Luc Besson, and Sam Raimi to be some of his largest influences. This makes Barry’s style of film-making a very unique and instantly recognizable.



Herbert Staten Jr.

Director of Photography/Cinematographer

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Chicago native Herbert Staten Jr is inspired by Hitchcock’s ability to take even the simplest objects and transform them into storylines with depth and complexity. Along with Emmanuel Lubezki, John Toll, Tonino Delli Colli, Alfred Hitchcock is just one of the many great filmmakers that Herb Staten has used as inspiration for his craft. Taking his inspiration for classic films paired with various cinematography seminars Herb’s ability to create stimulating visual content that showcases that visually the small details that people overlook allow for his audiences to clearly see a bigger picture in the story. Some of the things that Herb has had the opportunity to work throughout his career include directing and filming music videos for several upcoming artists, working with numerous local directors, and through his production company, ScalesOffMedia, he had the opportunity to be the director of photography and cinematography forThe Natural, a web series. His proficiency in completing these jobs stemmed from his participation in several film competitions early in his cinematography career. Through these competitions he cultivated his ability to create stunning visual content under tight deadlines and also grew in his aptitude to effectively work with a team. In the end, it is Herb Staten’s love for guiding his viewers in observing visual content in a different perspective that causes that causes him to continue his work in cinematography.


Hannah Budzynski

Production Assistant



Rudolph J. Comeaux III

Second Camera & Photographer



Dane Gerous Schmidt